Japanese traditional paper

Mino-Washi is a traditional craftwork produced mainly in Gifu Prefecture (Mino City). Origin of Mino-Washi is not clear, but since Mino-Washi is left in the Shosoin text, at least it is thought to have a history of more than 1300 years. Mino-Washi is a Japanese paper with a beautiful sparkle through the light, with Echizen-Washi and Tosa-Washi, it is one of the three major Japanese washi in Japan. Mino Washi is very thin but strong, in the Edo period it was also used as a shoji paper and expanded production, it became a representative Japanese paper because of its quality.


Colored Paper

Paper Tray

Mino-Washi Towel ( paper + cotton )

Mino-Washi Socks ( paper + cotton )