Ono-jo Castle

In 1575 Echizen Ono Castle began to be built. It took several years for the castle. In the history of Onojo, the castle owner swiftly changed. The castle was destroyed in 1775 and was rebuilt except the castle tower in 1795, but it has been destroyed after the Meiji Restoration. Castle town is surrounded by water supply and sewerage, and it is presumed that it was very easy for town people. It has long prospered as a commercial and cultural center of Oku Echizen. Echizen Ono Castle is a Hirayama castle built in the Kameyama at an altitude of approximately 249 m in the Oono Basin. The present castle tower was rebuilt with reference to a picture and a contemporary castle in 1968, and inside there are exhibits of historical castle owners. From the castle tower at the top you can see the Hakusan mountain range far away and you can feel the romance of ancient times which overlooks the castle town because you can overlook the urban area called Hokuriku 's small Kyoto under your eyes. "Echizen Ono Castle in the sky" in the sea of ??clouds can be seen from Inuyama Castle ruins (altitude 324 m) located about 1 km west of Echizen Ono Castle.

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