Find Arima-Onsen Hot Spring!

Arima is the oldest hot spring in Japan. The hot spring here can obtain the hot water in which the blessings of nature (active ingredient of a hot spring) from a shallow place (to 300 m) was fully stored. It is an active fault in geology, bedrock is cracked up to deep underground, a structure that hot spring water is ejected from deep underground through the crack. This hot spring resort is located in the gorge of the Rokko-san place north side, the hot water of a hot spring is known for there being noted hot water from ancient times. This is located in the altitude of 350 m. - 500 m, is in a remarkable steep incline, and passes along the inside of a town is also thin.

Hyogo / Kobe Rejion

Hyogo / Harima Western Rejion

Hyogo / Tajima Rejion