Ryuujin Ootsurihashi

In the downstream part of the valley located in Hitachiota City there is a Ryujin dam made by damming the Ryujin River, and a Ryujin Large Suspension Bridge, which is a suspension bridge dedicated to pedestrians, is hung above the dam lake. "Ryujin Large Suspension Bridge" is one of the 100 sceneries of Ibaraki, opened in 1994. The bridge is bright blue, the bridge length is 375 m, and as a suspension bridge for pedestrians it has the longest length in Japan. There is a bridge 100 meters above the ground from Dam Lake, and the lake side of the Ryujin Dam overlooking from the transparent plate of acrylic set in the middle of the bridge is also thrilled. There is a hiking course that even beginners can enjoy. Seasonal events such as carp streamer and autumn leaves festival are also held.

Ibaraki / North Region

Ibaraki / Central Region