Yamanaka Onsen Hot Spring

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Yamanaka Onsen Street is surrounded by naturally rich mountains, you can taste the countryside feelings of mountains such as valleys and rivers. Onsen streets lined with ryokans (Japanese‐style hotel) along river valleys. In the city there is also a symbol Kororagi bridge and a unique form of Ayatori bridge. And there is also a day bathing facility. This place is also the production center of Yamanaka lacquerware. The history of Yamanaka Onsen is old, and it is said that 1,300 years ago it was discovered by high priest. The priest carved a logistic Buddha in a log and built a shrine, made it as an amulet of a hot spring. Many people visit this hot springs and it is said that they healed sickness and tiredness with that hot water. Yamanaka Onsen is located in the mountains but close to the Sea of ??Japan and fresh seafood arrives from the port so you can enjoy products of the Sea of Japan.

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