Find Kanka-Kei Gorge!

Kankakei was blessed with the richness of nature woven into each of the four seasons, in the Shodoshima of the Seto Inland Sea National Park. Kankakei is created by rock made by volcanic activity about 13 million years ago has been crustal movement and erosion of long years, has created a superb view of the towering rock formations rocks and stones. It is a scenic spot which a surprising ravine is called by change as one of the major three [ Japanese ] ravine beauty. The air visit from a ropeway which connects the summit of the mountain from foot is wonderful. The air walk passing through the sky of the sheer deep valley for about 5 minutes is thrill perfect.

Kagawa / Shodo-Shima/Naoshima Region

Kagawa / Takamatsu Region

Kagawa / Kotohira/Kannonji Region