Find Ritsurin Garden!

Ritsurinkoen garden is divided into the south garden of 300 years or more of history formal one day, and the north yard of the Western style fixed after Meiji, the only excursion type in Shikoku which natural beauty and modeling beauty united, it is a a daimyo garden. The area of the garden is the Japanese maximum in the special scenic spot which is all over the country 36 places, and plottage is about 750,000 square meters. In South Lake every day, you can round Japanese boat "Chiaki circle" is to go around slowly over a period of about 25 minutes has been circumnavigation boating. Garden to show the beauty of the four seasons, there is a beauty, such as the painting like.

Kagawa / Shodo-Shima/Naoshima Region

Kagawa / Takamatsu Region

Kagawa / Kotohira/Kannonji Region