Find Zenigata Sand!

Zenigata sand painting is a huge sand painting that imitates the Kanei Tsuho (Ancient coins) in Kagawa Prefecture Kanonji. It is said that this have been made overnight in order to welcome daimyo (feudal lord) in 1633. The size of the vertical 122 meters, width 90 meters, has an oval around 345 meters, look to a true circle when viewed from the observatory of the summit Kotohiki Park. Every day, it is lighting up from sunset to 10:00 p.m., and can enjoy visionary scenery. People live longer in good health if you look at the this Zenigata, yet reportedly not handicapped in money, a lot of people have visited this land.

Kagawa / Shodo-Shima/Naoshima Region

Kagawa / Takamatsu Region

Kagawa / Kotohira/Kannonji Region