Kamakura Great Buddha

The Kamakura Great Buddha in Kotokuin has a considerable presence from its size. Approximately 11.39 meters high (about 13.35 meters including base), weighs about 121 tons, overwhelming those looking at that size. Historically there are many unclear points, according to "Azumakagami" the establishment began in 1252 years. In the past, it was surrounded by a huge Buddha statue, it was settled in the open air due to the natural disaster after that. At that time, the large Buddha that was built was wooden. The Buddha largely leaves the appearance at the beginning of construction, it is the only national treasure in Buddha statue of Kamakura period. On the inner wall of the corridor surrounding the Great Buddha of Kotokuin, a huge "Straw sandals" is displayed. The size of the straw sandals was about 1.8 m in length, about 0.9 m in width, about 45 kg in weight, exactly the size of the Great Buddha. It began to be donated by the child group of Hitachiota City in 1951, shortly after the war, with the thought that " people want the great Buddha to walk around Japan and make people happy". It has been remodeled once every three years since 1956.

Kanagawa / Yokohama / Kawasaki Region

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