Owakudani is said to be the site of the explosion crater made by Hakone volcanic explosion about 3000 years ago. Owakudani constantly breathes and we are spraying white smoke (volcanic gas) rising on desolate mountain skin. It is the largest in the fumarolic area in Hakone volcano and has been called "Jigokudani" from its landscape. In the vicinity of the Hakone ropeway "Owakudani Station" you can see the unique landscapes that promote white smoke. The view from ropeway at altitude of 1000 meters varies from section to section, the section where you can see Ashinoko and Mt. Fuji, and the section where you can see the beautiful scenery of Owakudani and Sagami Bay. In Owakudani, "Black egg" (hot spring egg) which is said to have a lifespan of 7 years when you eat one is popular.

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