Find Shimantogawa River!

Shimanto River is the first-grade river which flows through the western part in Kochi Prefecture. 196 km in full length, the contributory area of 2186 km2. On the longest river in Shikoku region, the contributory area has also ranked [ next ] 2nd on the Yoshino river. Since the large-scale dam is not built in a main stream, this river is called "the last clear stream in Japan", and it is set to "one of the three [ Japanese ] major clear streams" with Kakida River and Nagara-gawa River. It is chosen as the 100th elections of brand-name spring water, and the 100th elections of the unexplored region in Japan. There are 47 submersible bridges including a branch in Shimanto River. The scene by which a submersible bridge melts into a surrounding mountain range and river is a pronoun of Shimanto River.

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