Find Tsujun-kyo Bridge!

The length of the tsujun-kyo bridge is 78m, width is 6.3m, a height of more than 20m, between the arch has become a 28m. This bridge was made in order to supply water to surrounding fields in the greatest stone-made arch Aqueduct in Japan. It was built in 1854, is also called the crowning work of the technical capabilities in the late Edo period, and registers with the important cultural heritage of a country in 1960. This bridge made only from human power is predecessors' wisdom and a crystal of efforts. Time is divided as an object for sightseeing and water-drainage is performed for about 20 minutes at time with little use of irrigation. The original purpose of this water-drainage is said for removing the mud and sand with which the inside of a stone canal waterway was covered.

Kumamoto / Kumamoto Region