Find Kyoto! / Kinkaku-ji Temple

World Heritage

(c) Kyoto Photo

Kinkaku-ji Temple was built by Yoshimitsu Ashikaga in 1397. Kinkaku-ji Temple is the Golden Pavilion and is a three-story building with its top two stories coverd with pure gold leagf. It has the Chinese phoenix called a happy bird in China is shining on a roof. This temple is different in a style of building by each floor and is a typical building in Muromachi era which made three styles harmonize excellently. This temple has the circuit style garden. There are several small island in the pond and The island in the center symbolizes Japan. We can see an upside-down Kinkakuji in this pond and it is so beautiful. It was registered as a world heritage in 1994.

(c) Kyoto Photo

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