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Sugawarano Michizane is deified in Kitanotenmangu Shrine. Michizane showed the ability of the learning from time of the infancy, and moreover applied himself to study and gained the position of the highest rank as a scholar. Sugawarano Michizane had devoted himself to state development, but he was relegated by an innocent crime to Dazaifu suddenly by Fujiwarano Tokihira's politics. Though you could also press for a serious severe life to get food and clothing at Dazaifu, he prayed to heaven for state peace and the innocence which is his crime again earnestly and did a truth. After he died, originally, a Jinushigami called Karai tenjin was enshrined in the Kitano district of Kyoto, and the Imperial Court decided to build the Kitano-Tenmangu Shrine to appease the curse of Michizane. Court nobles at the time were frightened to death so they enshrined with great care the spirit of Michizane in the Kitano Tenmangu Shrine to let the tatari spirit ascend to be a guardian god. There are many major Tenman-gu Shrines on the path Michizane took to his place of exile in Dazaifu, and three Tenman-gu Shrines such Kitano-Tenmangu Shrine, Dazaifu-tenmangu Shrine, and Osaka-tenmangu Shrine (or Hofu-tenmangu Shrine), that are considered to have had the deepest connection with Michizane are referred to as the Three Great Tenjins of Japan. Sugawarano Michizane is made God of learning, and many students preparing for taking an examination visit here to pray a pass.

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