Ise-jingu Shrine

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Ise-jingu Shrine is a representative shrine in Japan and has a history of about 2000 years. There are two main shrines of the Inner Shrine of Ise enshrining the Amaterasu Oomikami God who was deified to the sun, and the Outer Shrine of Ise enshrining the guardian god of food, clothing, and shelter. After the Middle Ages, Ise shrine became revered from the whole country as a guardian of the whole of Japan and became to be worshiped as the highest god in Shinto in the flow of Syncretization of Shinto with Buddhism. After the Meiji period it is positioned as a shrine at the top of the whole country shrine in terms of policy. Also, I can tell the styles of Japanese wooden buildings.

Mie / North Region

Mie / Central Region

Mie / Iga Region

Mie / South Region