Find Kokonoe Otsurihashi!

The Kokonoe dream size suspension bridge is a huge bridge in Oita Prefecture. From the water surface, the height of the bridge is 173 m and length is the 390-m highest huge suspension bridge in Japan. About 1800 65-km adults can ride and it has the intensity which can also bear 65 m of wind velocity, and magnitude 7 on the Japanese scale. People can cross in 13 both-way minutes and can see the views of the majestic 360 ° of the waterfall and the valley from on bridge, you can experience the feeling as if he was in the air walk. A mountain becomes crimson at the time of autumn and an unparalleled view spreads.

Oita / Beppu Region

Oita / Hida Amagase Kokonoe Region

Oita / Bungo Ono Region