Nikko Toshogu Shrine

World Heritage

Nikko Toshogu is the mausoleum of first general Ieyasu Tokugawa who founded the Tokugawa Shogunate in 1603. There is a building of 55 buildings containing eight national treasures and 34 important cultural properties in the precincts of a temple, and the gorgeous beauty is the highlight. By gathered craftsmen from all over the country, the building is decorated with brilliant colors that were used in abundance lacquer and gold leaf, and a number of sculptures are decorated like a pillar. Pillar etc are decorated with much sculpture. The work of art of various animals can be seen in it. They wished peace for these animals, made as what symbolizes peace and drew. A crane, a tortoise, a cat, a monkey, and a deer -- animals, such as .....

Tochigi / North Region

Tochigi / Central Region