Find Oku-Iya Double Kazura Bridge:IYA kazura Bridge!

Oku-IYA Double Kazura Bridge
Oku Iya Double Kazurabashi is a generic term of two of the bridge of the man Bridge and woman Bridge. It is said that it was constructed in order that the Heike family might go to training to a riding ground about 800 years ago. Man bridge which was to restore the bridge, which has been built to the old life road, woman Bridge is less than a man Bridge, it has been built to the upstream side.

IYA Kazura Bridge
IYA kazura bridge has been known as one of Japan's three odd Bridge. It is made of Shirakuchikazura also become weighs about 5 tons, it is reconstructed every three years. 45 m in length, 2 m in width, on [ 14m ] the water surface.

Tokushima / Eastern Region

Tokushi / Western Region