Kurobe Dam

This dam construction started in 1956, and the great cost of 51,300 million could invest it in the amount of money of those days, and it was completed through the time for seven years by the a total of 10 million people thing help. Construction of Kurobe Dam is called "the construction of the century" from the size of the scale and difficulty, and the height of a dam is No.1 of Japan in 186m. Water is drained off uncanny vigor while raising spray during the periods from June 26 to October 15 every year for sightseeing. That amount of water-drainages will be 10 cubic meters/s or more, you will be impressed by this powerful water-drainage, you will lose language. The Kurobe lake is located in the average altitude of 1,448 m, and the pleasure boat "Garbe" goes around the dam lake over 30 minutes. This pleasure boat cruises a height most in a Japanese pleasure boat, and you can enjoy nature fully, seeing and raising the grand north Alps for which it presses at hand.

Toyama / Kurobe / Unazuki Region

Toyama / Tateyama-Kurobe Alpine Route Region