Unazuki Hot Springs

The hot water of Unazuki Hot Spring is colorless and transparent, and is an alkaline simple spring gentle to skin. Hot water is proud of transparency leading [ Japanese ]. The temperature of the fountainhead is 87.8 degrees, and since it often gets warm, it is supposed that it is well effective against rheumatism, a movement machine obstacle, neurosis, etc. Hot water is outputs as abundant as 3000 tons per day. Unazuki Hot Spring is located in along the ravine of the Kurobe river etc., and hotels and a resort houses stand in a row. Moreover, this is also a base of truck sightseeing of Kurobekyokoku Railway. The hot water here is pulled with the pipe which ranges from the fountainhead also to 7 km nationally and uniquely.

Toyama / Kurobe / Unazuki Region

Toyama / Tateyama-Kurobe Alpine Route Region