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Kumano Kodo is a collective term for old roads connecting Kumano sanzan (Kumano Hongu Taisha, Kumano Hayatama Taisha, Kumano Nachi Taisha) and Ise, Osaka ・ Wakayama, Koya and Yoshino in the southern part of Kii Peninsula. During the period from ancient times to the Middle Ages, the faith of Kumano sanzan increased and many people visited Kumano from the Emperor and the female to the commoners. It is also registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Kumano Kodo has five roads, Ise Road, Kii Road, Kohechi Road, Naka-hechi Road, and Oohechi Road. From the Edo period, Kumano pilgrimage was held through Ise Road after Ise pilgrimage. It is characterized by enjoying a variety of scenery such as the course which can see the Kumano Kodo path like cobblestone, the Kumano nada from the pass, the course to watch rice terraces, which is said to be the best in Japan, the pilgrimage road of the Kumano River.

Wakayama / North Region

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