Nachi no Taki Waterfall

Nachi's waterfall is one of Japan's three famous waterfalls. Head drop 133 m, the width of the falling mouth of the waterfall is 13 m, the depth of the waterfall is 10 meters above the top of Japan's famous waterfall. Nachi's waterfall is said to be "a three-pronged waterfall" because there are three cuts in the rock of the falling mouth of the waterfall and the fall falls into three. A streamlined link is set up in the falling mouth of the waterfall, and it is twice annually replaced on July 9th and December 27th by priestess. Kumano Nachi Shrine is a shrine that has gotten from this natural worship with this Nachi waterfall as a god.

Wakayama / North Region

Wakayama / Central Region

Wakayama / South Region