Okama(Crater lake)

An iron pot (5-color swamp) is a volcanic lake at the summit of the mountain of 5 colors of Zaou mountain, and is a symbol of Zaou which the color of the surface of a lake changes and shows a rich expression according to terms and conditions, such as the weather. Since this lake was an iron pot-like, the name of an "iron pot" stuck. 26 eruptions were repeated until now and, these days, it erupted in 1895. In a lake, the living thing cannot live because of strong acid nature. In the place performed from the surface of a lake to the depth of about ten m, water temperature falls to 2-degree Centigrade, Water temperature will become high if depth is increased from it. Moreover, while snow remains, you can do sightseeing, looking at the wall of the snow which lay on the Zaou echo line.

Frost-covered trees

In Zaou, the silver frost made in winter is globally new, and you can see, or touch and enjoy the world which has not been seen until now. You can go to appreciation tour to the silver frost zone where snow is deep.

Yamagata/Zao Region