Aoi Festival (Kyoto)


You can the people of the court from 1,000 years ago in Kyoto. The Aoi Festival held on May 15 2016. It is designated as one of the three major events along with the Gion Festival and Jidai Matsuri, is an annual festival of two shrines, Shimogamo Shrine and Kamigamo Shrine. It sails up history of a festival until around A.D. 500 in the old days. When an emperor in those days is in trouble about following wind and rain and prays to Ogami(God) in Kamo lengthily, it's said to be a first that it became productive in grains. Therefore the Aoi Festival is made a state event lengthily, and it's also the valuable festival for which tradition of a member of the Imperial family in those days and an aristocrat is left. The parade of 750 people starts from Kyoto Gyoen, goes through Shimogamo Shrine, and at Kamigamo Shrine.